Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thankful Thursdays!

This week I have plenty to be thankful for!
1) Smoke Alarms!-Seriously you need to make sure yours is proper working order. I am thankful mine was this week. I went to make mac and cheese for lunch. Putting the pan of water on the back bunner since I know have kidos who can reach the stove. I thought I had turned on the back bunner but to my dismay when I had turned on the front burner and the smoke decator alarmed me to this situation since I have burner covers on the front one was on and burning through the burner cover. So, yes I'm thanful for the smoke detector!
2) Play Group-I just started going to playgroup over the past month and it has breathed NEW life into me! I LOVE IT! It makes me know that I am NORMAL! And my Children are NORMAL! Thanks so much guys for being there for me.

5) Josh-Who goes to work daily to a job he hates so that I can stay at home with our children during these precious years.