Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th

Where were you?  This question get's asked frequently on this day.  I was coming downstairs from Grandma Shaefer's house, just waking up watching The Today Show.  I watched as the second plane hit the tower and was glued to the t.v. for the rest of the morning.  I remember being in disbelief that this does not happen in the United States!  I remember thinking as I was watching that the towers are going to fall!  They were infernos and there was not way they could with stand the heat.  I remember watching them fall and thinking it was Ghostbusters with all of the dirt.  Josh and I were just a few weeks from getting married.  We were in Indiana finishing up a few details.  I remember going to Men's Warehouse on Grape Road that afternoon and getting his suit.  Grape road was a desert!  I remember worry of gas prices going high to the $4-$5 range a gallon.  I remember driving home two days later and the interstates being packed full of cars because that was the only way to get home.  I remember the days following how our country came together and reached out to cling to something, anything.  Many went to church.  The churches were full but then people got back into their comfortable routine of sleeping in on Sunday's.  Why should it take something so tragic for people to turn back to their faith?  Why should it take an attack?  During this day take some time to reflect on your life today and if you were to die would you have lived a life well marked?