Friday, December 28, 2007


We have had a very busy christmas week. Lily got sick on Christmas eve and is just now getting better. Timmy had fun and got many new match box cars. He was a happy boy and william just loved all the wrapping paper. We have been in South Bend for this week so we can't wait to get back home and enjoy our new toys and gifts. We have spent time with family and enjoyed our time. Please keep us in prayer as Josh is going to start his last semester at IUSB this spring and that we are able to keep Timmy out of the hospital. Please also pray that the Lord will give us direction as to what to do with Seminary.

Facing Your Giants!

Hi! Josh and I had a minute last week sometime to sit down and watch an AMAZING movie called "Facing The Giants" I highly recommend this movie to EVERONE to watch it! It's only on DVD but ROCKEd my world! So, what kind of giants are you facing? Anger, hurt, frustration, trust, depression, fear....we all have our own giants. Watch the movie and let God work on your giants!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

not going great!

Well, Timmy was at the doctor and his pulse oxygen was 84% but after two treatments was up to 96%. So, we are giving him treatments every 6 hours at home. We will see the doctor on Friday for his two year check up. It is very hard watching him struggling.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Please Pray!

Hi! sorry it's been so long since I posted....we've been busy! Yesterday we took Timmy to the urgent care after hours doctors office because he was vommitting mucas and was wheezey and the neburalizer treatments were not working. So, he vommited some more in there and then in the car. The doc gave him some steriods to hopefully get us through the weekend so we don't have to go to the ER and possibly Riley. He did say Timmy was retracting just a little which means he is using his stomach muscles to breath instead of his lung muscles. It's very hard on Josh and I as this is how the RSV started out almost two years ago. His birthday is next week so we are hoping we have a good weekd to celebrate. The worst case is he will end up at Riley on a vent to rest. We are believing and praying that does not happen! It has hit Josh and I hard as we have been down this road before.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

October 12, 1978

That was the day I was born on. I will be 29 years old. I have learned alot in my life and will continue to learn alot. I have made alot of mistakes but God has forgiven me. So, this 29th birthday I'm going to enjoy Steak and Shake Cheese Fries and a Shake! YUM YUM! Here's to another year!

Micheal E. Johnson

Josh's brother mike passed away on Friday October 5. He was only 30. He died of a brain tumor and passed away in his sleep. He was very humble and soft hearted. He would do anything for anyone. He was loud but loved a great debate on a many things espically politics.

ER and Doctors

Lily had to make sure there was a hospital close by as within the first few weeks she had a soar throat that we just had to go to the hospital for as we did not have a doctor yet but she did have a very high fever and some how when we said hospital and got there she was feeling better! :0 Timmy also was seen but that was because he was wheezy. I sure do miss the Grinnell ER! Very quick compared to our two to three hour waits in the ER. Timmy had a chest x-ray very tramatic they put him in a tub with his arms above his head. I could not watch. So now we have an AWESOME pediatrican name Dr. Emery who officially diagnosed my children as STRONG WILLED.....hmmmmm don't know where that comes from at all! :0 But she was amazing....Timmy really enjoyed her. He did not scream at her but instead played peak a boo with her. It was cute.


Well, we are finally moved in and getting used to life in Fowler, IN. We had lots of help from amazing friends and family! Thanks to EVERYONE who helped. A friend of ours Francine did amazing things with my children on the Saturday of our move in the evening so Sandy and I could get all the last minute stuff done in the evening. They were having so much fun they did not cry! Then my dad and step-mom allowed us to stay in a hotel room for two nights which was way better than the floor. The driving part of the move was a test of my patients driving the whole way with all three kids. Needless to say I had NO patients left. When we got to Fowler we had people from the church who took time off of work to help us. How WONDERFUL that was! Then I unpacked the kitchen totally the Tuesday after we moved because I was sooooooo tired of fast food! So, we have all the major stuff put away now it's just figuring out where to the rest of it goes! Hopefully we will be unpacked by Christmas!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Hi! I will be Missing In Action for a while. We are moving this weekend to Fowler, IN. If you look at a map of Indiana it is about 25 mins NW of Lafayette, IN on I-65. It is a town of about 2200 people. My high school had 3000 in it! Oh yeah! It's small. So, if you want to contact me you better do it by Saturday A.M to get a response otherwise I'm not sure when it will be that I will find time to go to the Library or when we get a computer of our own. Who only knows. We will have our cell. Well, if you know our cell number or want our snail mail you can email me and I'll probley give it to you if I know you! Anyways I will talk to you later! Have a great weekend! Blessings! Jenny Please pray for us as we will be driving on Sunday three vehicles, our car (me and the kids), moving truck (Josh and my dad), and the jeep (Sandy and possible trailer). Please also pray for baby Kate she is still having some heart issues but doing MUCH better!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


We are moving to Fowler, IN. The town is located on HWY 52 just NW of Lafayette. Yes we will be in Boiler country. Yeah!!! The town has less people in it than the high school I went to. It is a town of about 2200. We are excited and will be very busy the next week as we are loading our truck on Saturday and Moving on Sunday after church then unpacking on Monday. Great things are ahead! I am so thankful that my children felt so comfortable at the church. It was nice to have to go look for them! Josh will be pastoring the Fowler Weslyan church and we will live ina BEAUTIFUL pasorange. I am so looking forward to it as it has a Beautiful kitchen with a dishwasher!!!!!!! I won't be the dishwasher anymore and it has TWO bathrooms! Yes the Lord has truly blessed us!Well, until next time from Indiana have a blessed week!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

William "the cool dude" David Johnson

Aren't I a cool dude at 6 months old! :)

William is 6 months old tomorrow!

Wow! How time flies! William is such a growing little guy! He has some very cute chubby little legs. He gets so frustrated because he can't crawl yet. He wants to GO GO GO And keep up with Lily and Timmy. He is working on sitting up on his own. He is doing quite well on that. And we have tried baby food a few times. He enjoys it when he is interested in it. He LOVES to be held and cuddled! But enjoys playing in his bouncy seat too! Here is a picture of one cool dude! I know your Great Grandpa Cobb would be proud!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Boxes, Tape, fun times!

As we are preparing for this next phase in life. I have been cleaning and repacking some boxes. It has been a joy to go back and look at all the memories we hold on to. There have been pictures that I have found and just laugh. Then there are the ones that bring back memories of a loved one. Then I found a box full of encourgment notes! Those were just AWESOME and made me SMILE from ear to ear! Gotta love a hand written note! They never get lost or go away due to technology. Then you just look around you and can't believe how blessed we are by the amount of stuff and things you have and don't use or do! So, as I must go to continue packing I might come across something that makes me think of you!


Hi! Just wanted to share with you about a little girl who has been through so much! Her name is Kate and she is 1. I think she is about the same age as Timmy. About two weeks ago she had open heart surgery and a week later they had to go back in and do another open heart surgery. We are praying that she continues to get stronger. They are working now on getting her vent tub out! YEAH for her mommy and daddy as they will be able to hold her again! I know what a wonderful feeling that is as a mom!
You can check out their blog at

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Life Has Been Happening!

Wow! It's been along time since I have posted! There has been SOOO much going on in the last month! At the end of June we went back to Indiana to check out the air quality to see if Josh breathed better there than out here in Iowa. We were able to camp on Lake Michigan for three days! NO MEDS!!!!! And Josh was able to walk along Lake Michigan which was AWESOME! We have not been able to be outside like that as a family in a LONG time! One fun thing was we had just gotten our tents set up and it started raining so the all of us were in the tent just laying there and it was AMAZING to think of all the Lord has blessed us with in the last year!

After this trip we decided that it was time to move back to Indiana as we saw a totally 180 in Josh's breathing! So, he talked to work about it and was anticpaiting having to find another job but the Lord opened a pretty AMAZING door for him and us as a family. Josh's work is allowing him to "telecomute" from anywhere in Indiana. This is the first time anyone at his company has been able to do this and so we are praying it will work!

Also, by moving back to Indiana Josh is able to finish is Bachalors Degree! And we will be two hours away from South Bend.

Now we just have to go and canidate at a church and then Lord Willing be moving the last week of August!

I Love Iowa and hope to someday move back but Josh's health and the kids having their dad around is more important than living in Iowa as a single parent.

So, when I know you'll get our snail mail address and phone number. We will be by PURDUE!!!!!!!! GO BOILERS!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Beautiful Lily!

Beautiful Lily! Look at how long her hair is!
Busily at work making sugar cookies!
Is that a doll or baby William?
This is Fun! Even in our jammies!
Here are a few pictures of Lily. We were making cookies for easter.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

More Children's Museum

Lily playing checkers with Grandpa Playing at the Water Table
Sand Table

Here are some more pics of Lily. She sure had fun! It's a great place to go because there litterly is something for everyone! I know next time we get a chance we will be going back. Thanks Grandpa for a fun day at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. We Love You!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

So Sweet!

Last night around midnight Lily woke up wanting Mommy. So, I went in her room and was bringing her to my bed. She started to puke all over me and the bed. So, we rushed to the bathroom just across the hall. We didn't hit the toliet. So, as she is puking in between the pukes she says "mommy thank you for taking good care of me." So, sweet of her to say that even when she was not feeling the best! This makes being a mom worth it when your child says these sweet things to you. Lily is feeling better this morning so it must have just been a bug.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Farm Fun!

Lily driving the tractor into the barn
Lily, Timmy and Grandma Sandy in the big tractor
Lily helping to feed the bottle calf
This past weekend we spent in Jefferson with Grandpa Jay and Grandma Sandy and Great Grandma Cobb. The highlight of the weekend was riding in the really big tractor with 4 wheels on the back instead of the normal two! Lily even got to drive it by herself. Mommy had fun going on a 4 wheeler ride into the timber which was Beautiful! Enjoy some fun pics!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thankful Thursdays!

This week I have plenty to be thankful for!
1) Smoke Alarms!-Seriously you need to make sure yours is proper working order. I am thankful mine was this week. I went to make mac and cheese for lunch. Putting the pan of water on the back bunner since I know have kidos who can reach the stove. I thought I had turned on the back bunner but to my dismay when I had turned on the front burner and the smoke decator alarmed me to this situation since I have burner covers on the front one was on and burning through the burner cover. So, yes I'm thanful for the smoke detector!
2) Play Group-I just started going to playgroup over the past month and it has breathed NEW life into me! I LOVE IT! It makes me know that I am NORMAL! And my Children are NORMAL! Thanks so much guys for being there for me.

5) Josh-Who goes to work daily to a job he hates so that I can stay at home with our children during these precious years.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Here they are!

Here are two of the many pictures I have from the rope bridge! This is from fall festival 2000 I think.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Flashback Friday!

There is a place that holds very dear to my heart and that would be CAMP ADVENTURE! I spent all three years there as a jr. high camper and then councled jr. high kids there for four years. There is one place that I loved and I finally conqured it. The Rope Bridge. I will post a picture of it later. But it's baiscally three ropes, one you walk across and two you push out on to get across. It goes across mud, slim, stinky, gunky stuff. For many years and tries I did not want to fall in but one year the Lord broke me of that because I was seeing how much fun my kids were having. So, I took the challenge and the them for the weekend was "Dive" by Steven Curtis Chapman. So, I dove well actually jumped into the mud. We found a flip flop from summer camp, a board and who knows what else has been lost in there. But it was great fun. Then the next summer I did it with my girls and all but two got in. It was fun because we were giving each other facials for free! And people paid hundres of dollars to have a mud wrap done. Oh what we thougth of . Then I will never forget one of my campers telling me she had never taken a shower with her clothes on before but she was very excited about doing this. The memories you create when you step away from your mold is AMAZING! So, I challenge you to DIVE in and do something you have not done before. The results can be exciting!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Lily!

Well she came into this world at 5:45 p.m. on a Monday evening by emergency and I do say EMERGENCY c-section. She was born in 30mins flat. From the time I was on the table to the time she was out! She was fiesty. I am so blessed to have my little Lily. She is so caring, loving and a big helper. She's also very smart! I can't wait to see what the next year holds for her but it's going to be great! We are going to Adventureland tomorrow and having a princess party on Sunday. Then she gets a special shopping trip on Monday! I have one more year of Lily being home with mommy all day and I'm going to try and cherish every minute of it. Lily and I are alot alike in our temperments so this should be interesting in about ten years! Lily loves her gymnastics and singing Jesus Loves Me all four verses of it and she enjoys daddy and Lily time. Happy Birthday to my princess Lily! I loveYou!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Thankful Thursday!

I'm stealing this idea from a friends blog. It will help me and you to reflect on some of things we may take for granted. Here is to my first "Thankful Thursday!

1) Lily-She is outgoing, fun, becoming a good gymnast, and a wounderful sister and daughter!
2) William- He is such a great little guy! I'm thankful he is healthy!
3) Washer and dryer-I can't even begin to imagin doing laundry the old fashion way with a washboard and wringer. That would take HOURS! I'm glad we have electricity.
4) Cleaen water to drink. This I know I sometimes take for granted because we can go to the store and pick up a bottle of water where in some parts of the u.s. and other countries it is a luxuary to do so. Thanks to purifiers!

My Brother John "Bob" Cobb

Adventurland 2005

My Brother is funny, amazing, god fearing, loving, caring, and many other things! I love him and miss him! He is not afraid to try new things! He tried sardines, octupus and probley many other things that I don't even want to know about! But that is the cool thing about him he won't form an opinon about a food until he has tried it. My brother was fun to grow up with. It seemed that we always were getting each other into trouble...imagine that! He once tried to hard boil an egg in the microwave and blew the door off! He loves to strick up a

conversation with any one about anything! He is VERY smart! He can cook a mean breakfast! He can cook, clean, and do his own laundry! What a guy! Oh and did I mention he is single! :) Well, I hope you know how lucky I am to have an awesome brother like him! Hopefully I will get to see him soon! He and Lily make wonderful sugar cookies! It is very cute to watch them make them!
Oh yes I forgot one more thing he LOVES to fish and be out in God's creation! He enjoys roller blading and having a good time!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Treasured pictures

These pictures were taken in the fall of 2005. I really treasure these as my grandfather is no longer with us. But I know I will meet him again on the other side!The girls Grandma Cobb, me and Lily.

All of us! Grandpa Cobb, Dad, Grandma Cobb, Me, Lily and Josh

Lily being silly!

Everyone is happy!

This is for my sister-in-law

Hi! I thought I would try blogger world. So, here a few pictures of the kidos. Hope I'm able to post them. Have a blessed evening! Love ya Chloe! Jenny
This picture is of Williams first bath.

This is the first time I got to actually hold William while big Sister Lily looks on! She was patiently waiting her turn to hold William David!

One more of Lily being a very PROUD big sister!