Saturday, April 4, 2009

Clean! Clean! Clean!

This is sad! It takes my husband motivating me and having ten people over from the church tomorrow to get me to make our house SPARKLE! Why don't I just keep it clean then it won't get that way. I am really wanting to homeschool our daughter Lily this fall but my husband has told me that in order for that to happen our house must stay clean. So, that should be a great motivation right. Well, I have other things that are more fun to do like play on facebook, catch up on other people's blogs, find recipes, shop online. You get the idea. Why clean when there is all that fun stuff to do plus the weather is getting nicer out so that means I get to go and play in the dirt and plant flowers. I did not grow up in a clean home it was nicely cluttered but perhaps the time has come at the age of 30 to make our home a clean place for our children to grow up in and enjoy. We shall see how it stays over the next week. After all it only took me one afternoon to get it SPARKLING clean! But my WONDERFUL husband did help and he took the kids to the park. MUCH easier to clean without them under foot!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful
5) That my kids are all health and at home. I have been following Baby Stellan's story and it breaks my heart to see him and his mom having such a hard time. Life is not fair!
4) For our AMAZING pediatrician. We really love her and my kids love her too!
3) That my husband got a C-PAP machine and USED it last night!
2) That we have food and shelter and a job. Thank you for this Lord!
1) The flowers coming up in our yard. It reminds me of new life and that spring is around the corner!

Have a BLESSED Thursday!

April Fools

Well, yesterday I pulled a April Fools joke. I put on my facebook account that I was expecting! Which we are NOT in any way shape or form! But Josh saw it before I told him while I was getting Lily from school. Needless to say when I got home he was fumming because he thought surley if she was pregnant she would tell me BEFORE she put it on facebook. So, lesson learned tell your husband about a joke before he reads it!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I love Facebook! It gives you an opportunity to connect with old friends and it has crazy quizes on there. But most of all it gives me the chance to chat with other adults! :)


This is AFTER 2 hours of cleaning!
You can actually get to the art supplies!
Lily in her CLEAN room!

Look we can get to the dresser!

WOW! I can get to the bed without tripping on stuff!

WOW!!! There is a floor in there!


Here is Lily's room BEFORE it was cleaned!Dolls and such!
What a MESS!