Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Birthday to my only brother!!!!

John Cobb!  AKA Johnny Corn Cobb!  AKA Uncle John!
You have many names!  I am so lucky to have gotten to have you as my brother!  Growing up we sure did have our love hate relationship!  It was intense!  But on the days we loved each other, we really did!  We would have Nerf Gun wars, play with hot wheel cars and Legos!  We would have world class water gun fights that would start with water guns and lead to the hose!  We stuck together!  When we would fight, we would FIGHT!  You would get so mad at me that you would take rope and tie the doors together so  I could not get out of my room!  You loved to watch MacGyver and all things that he did you wanted to try and be like him.  We grew up, I went one way you went another.  But this past year we did something that most of our friends have yet to do and that was allow our dad to go.  That was hard but I know it brought us closer.  I'm grateful you were there to hold us together.  My kids are pretty darn lucky to have you for an uncle too!