Thursday, March 14, 2013

SUYL-Favorite Vacation Spots

I can tell you exactly where I have vacation most of my life!  Let me list then I will tell you which one's are my favorite and why!
In no particular order:

1) Denver and Ft. Collins, CO
2) Jefferson, IA
3) Sloan, IA
4) Harlingen, TX
5) Beaver Island, MI
6) Walt Disney World
7) Altoona, IA
8) Springdale, AR
9)  St. Louis, MO
10) Toledo, OH

I can not place a FAVORITE because each place holds a special memory!

Ft. Collins, CO is where my Uncle John and Aunt Jo live.  I have only been to their place one time when I was in elementary school.  We left the last day of school and drove two days out there.  It was a fun time!  We spent some time in Estates Park and it was the first time I had gotten to stand in snow in JUNE!  I also remember going to Casa Bonita, the State Capital and climbing a ton of stairs and the Denver mint!

My dad and I flew out to Denver for a one day trip!  It was fast, we rented a convertible and with the top down in 40 degree temps we had the heat cranked!  It was a memorable time!  We flew in on Saturday and flew home on the new then 777 on Sunday!

Jefferson, IA-I have many, many, many memories here as this is where my dad's side of the family was born and raised!  This needs a post in and of itself!  It is my hope that my children will know Jefferson is where the Cobb's come from!

Sloan, IA- This is where my Grandfather Campbell and Grandmother Campbell farmed!  We would go out there each October for my birthday and spend a week riding in the combine and the grain truck!

Harlingen, TX- My grandparents moved down to the Rio Valley and we spent many spring breaks down there!  We thought we were cool because we were going to South Padre Island!

Beaver Island, MI- My freshman Biology teacher had just finished spending a semester up there and talked about it frequently!  I am glad I kept that tucked away in my memory because it is BEAUTIFUL and peaceful up there!


Walt Disney World- I have only been there twice and if I get the opportunity to go one more time that will be just about perfect for me!  I went once as a child and then had the opportunity to take my kids and family in 2011.  My dad wanted to go back again since so much had changed since 1986!  It was a joy to see him enjoy it even if it did wear him out!  I am forever grateful we have that memory!

Altoona, IA- Yes, for all of my Iowa friends I am being SUPER specific on where Adventurland is!  Every summer we would go to Adventureland!  It is a mid-sized amusement park, that is clean and family friendly!  I enjoy taking my kids there now!

Springdale, AR- My aunt and uncle live down there!  I have only been there a handful of times but have many memories of flying down to visit my aunt, being treated like royalty and going to her churches grand Christmas production of the LIVING CHRISTMAS tree!  I hope to get to go down there again and maybe even see the Duggars!!!!

St. Louis, MO- I have been there twice!  I know real exciting but Bill used to live there and so we spent a few days down there exploring!  I remember the arch as it got a bit scary going up into it.

Toledo, OH- My brother lives there!  They have a great zoo!

A great vacation spot to me is being away from the hustle and bustle of life, unplugging and reconnecting with the one's you love!