Saturday, January 26, 2013


Say it ain't true.  It is!  Not you guys!  Yup!  It's true!  It's happening!  Some may have seen it coming, others may have thought we were the farthest from divorcing.  But the time has come for Josh and I to go our seperate ways.  Yes, we know we will have to continue functioning as parents to three beautiful children!  We can do that!  We can be kind for our children.  We all though can not continue to be married to each other.  Many may question well what happened?  Who did what?  NONE OF THAT MATTERS!!!!!!!! I am not hear to air our dirty laundry.  If YOU or YOU or YOU have questions than feel free to email me at and ask away and I will answer to the best of my ability!  The kids don't know and won't know until we feel it is the best time to tell them.  My friend and mentor Judy told me and encourages me to FINISH WELL!!!! And that is what I am working on doing.  Josh is working on this as well.  We are both taking care of issues that we know we both have to help us to become a better friend, mom, and hopefully spouse one day again.  I do believe that is possible.  This has nothing to do with the recent loss of my dad.  He knew about this before he died.  I know some may be surprised as I often said OVER AND OVER again that I WOULD NEVER EVER EVER in a million years get divorced.  Whelp it is happening and the one thing I ask is that YOU and You and yes even YOU would pray for Josh and I as we continue on this journey.  The one thing I can think of is GRACE.  How can you have a GRACE FILLED Divorce?  You don't sit and point fingers at each other for all the wrong that was done.  You make a choice to do what is best for each other and for the kids.  You move on knowing you ended well.  I can NOT undo what has been done but I can CHANGE my future!  I am excited to see where God leads that future.  I don't know what it will look like.  I do know these few things.  I will be moving out to an apartment in New Castle.  I will continue working.  I will continue to an active parent in my kids lives.  I will continue to be in school working towards my Office Administration degree with Elementary Education classes sprinkled through out.  My goal is to graduate in December 2014.  In my perfect world I would move to Lafayette and work at Purdue and get my Elementary Ed degree there but my plan is not always God's plan.  I am doing very well and have peace about the future.