Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What do Pastors do?

Good Morning! This past weekend I went to a concert where one of the artist sings as it works into her families schedule as her husband is a pastor. As I watched her tell people that she was content and was where she needed to be now in life it was surprising to see people's reaction! I don't think people realize that there is alot more than meets the eye in ministry than just getting up Sunday morning and preaching! :) I know before I my hubby became a pastor I thought oh it is so easy he will just preach on Sunday morning's and that is it! Boy oh Boy was I WRONG!!! Being married to a pastor is sort of like being married to a doctor. You are on call ALL the time! Well, expect for when your on vacation but even then you may get an emergency call. Our husband's prepare for their sermon, spending time in prayer, prepare for and attend lots of meetings to keep the church running and growing. They are available to people for prayer, to listen, to carry others burdens, to marry to bury. I know my husband spends alot of time at the hospitals when loved ones are in the hospital because he know's how important that is to the family of having the presences of a pastor there. He also helps out people who are contemplating suicide. He has walked through lots of valleys with people in the community and some of our own. We have gone back for funerals because we knew that we were needed. Yes, there are times you feel as you are alone and no one understands. This is a calling not a job! I will touch on bitterness amongst pastors wives in my next post. In the mean time lift your pastor and family up in prayer....they have alot going on! :) more than just Sundays! ;)

over 1,000

So, I have not been on my blog lately but noticed that I had over 1,000 visitors!!!!! Who are ya'll and where are ya'll from??? Glad you stop by to read! :)