Wednesday, February 23, 2011

from a brace to a Cast......

So, a few things to share this week. First of all last week I went to the place in Indy to get a new brace. Well, they have you take your shirt and pants off but you leave your undergarmets on. Then you put on a stocking type material with a place for your head and arms. Then the guy comes in and puts casting material around the area needed for the brace. You stand there for a few minutes while it sets. Today I went back down to Indy to get my new brace. It is alot more like a cast but I think I kind of like it better though too. The only thing is I have to layer it in between my clothes. Not fun! So, here is to hoping that by April I will be done with this brace.

The boys have been up in South Bend and I am ready for them to come home! I miss them but have enjoyed my time with Lily too!