Friday, December 28, 2007


We have had a very busy christmas week. Lily got sick on Christmas eve and is just now getting better. Timmy had fun and got many new match box cars. He was a happy boy and william just loved all the wrapping paper. We have been in South Bend for this week so we can't wait to get back home and enjoy our new toys and gifts. We have spent time with family and enjoyed our time. Please keep us in prayer as Josh is going to start his last semester at IUSB this spring and that we are able to keep Timmy out of the hospital. Please also pray that the Lord will give us direction as to what to do with Seminary.

Facing Your Giants!

Hi! Josh and I had a minute last week sometime to sit down and watch an AMAZING movie called "Facing The Giants" I highly recommend this movie to EVERONE to watch it! It's only on DVD but ROCKEd my world! So, what kind of giants are you facing? Anger, hurt, frustration, trust, depression, fear....we all have our own giants. Watch the movie and let God work on your giants!