Saturday, April 4, 2009

Clean! Clean! Clean!

This is sad! It takes my husband motivating me and having ten people over from the church tomorrow to get me to make our house SPARKLE! Why don't I just keep it clean then it won't get that way. I am really wanting to homeschool our daughter Lily this fall but my husband has told me that in order for that to happen our house must stay clean. So, that should be a great motivation right. Well, I have other things that are more fun to do like play on facebook, catch up on other people's blogs, find recipes, shop online. You get the idea. Why clean when there is all that fun stuff to do plus the weather is getting nicer out so that means I get to go and play in the dirt and plant flowers. I did not grow up in a clean home it was nicely cluttered but perhaps the time has come at the age of 30 to make our home a clean place for our children to grow up in and enjoy. We shall see how it stays over the next week. After all it only took me one afternoon to get it SPARKLING clean! But my WONDERFUL husband did help and he took the kids to the park. MUCH easier to clean without them under foot!

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Jamie said...

I totally know how you feel. Jeremy's mom is a perfectionist and always making comments. But I did not grow up that way, literally there was (and is) a small pathway through my parents house. My house is never that bad, but I can not keep it picked up.
It doesn't help that Jeremy can clean a room in 5 minutes and it takes me an entire day to do as much and still doesn't look as good.