Saturday, February 12, 2011

Too much!

This past week has been filled with lots and lots of appoitments and things. I am tired. I am exhausted and my back hurts. All I want is a few hours to myself where I am not asked to do anything, my children are not screaming and I am not sleeping or running to an appoitment of some kind. Does a few hours like this exisit? Last week Monday Josh and I spent doing something we wanted to do together and then had Williams birthday celebration at home. Tuesday was filled with appoitments. I went to Indy to see my back doctor and get a new brace and quit physical therapy and then I met with my counsler. I was feeling pretty good so did not have a lot to talk about. Wednesday was a big day for Josh and I he went before the Distric Board of Ministry to get approval for his ordination in August. We were thrilled to have their blessing pending one more course! Wednesday was Faithweavers which the kids love going to and Stephanie Parker started a class for adults which I was really excited about! We are going through the Crazy Love book! It was fun being the introduction course. Thursday William had his 4 year check up with that we ran to the mall to get new shoes for the growing boy which is on the other side of town. Got groceries at Wal-Mart. Came home and Josh was not feeling well as he had not been all day. Mind you this is all still Thursday. Brought some groceries in but did not get them put away. I can not remember if we had something Thursday night or not. Friday was spent at home but I tried to do too much and even had a friend say hey, I am here I can help you. But I wanted to make the things for the pot luck by myself. Then we had the Dave Ramsey Course on Friday night. I am truley excited about this class but also beating the crap up out of myself for how foolish I was and have been in spending. So, today is Saturday and I slept in, we went out to lunch as a family which was nice then came home. Josh took a nap and I tried to make a few baby blankets. But did not succeed and got frustrated with myself. So, eventually the boys and I took a nap and now it's 8p.m. and the kids are wired and I am tired and frustrated!!!!!! Mainly because I am setting myself up for failer. I have not gotten my Beth Moore Bible Study done in 2 weeks. I have not been in 3 weeks and will go tomorrow no matter how much I have done because it's important for me to finish this weather it's done all the way or not. I am ready for spring too! The warmer weather today was nice. So, I am hopefully going to take some pain meds soon which my doctor wants me down to 3 total pills a day when I see him in April. I have not mentioned that I do have an AMAZING neighbor who takes great care of me! Her name is Peggy Karger and her husband Phil is a chef and every now and then they drop off food to our house and it is always made from scratch!!! So, when I got up this evening I found a nice big container of home made Salsa....YUMMY!!!!!

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