Saturday, April 2, 2011


My doctor had just seen my x-ray's 5 mins. before he came into to talk to me. He didn't have a lot to say expect I was a first for him as a patient! He had NEVER had a patient BEND their titanium rods! He said that I have defied all technology he has and so he was going to be using me as a "research" project to see what he could do with my back. Dr. Khairi is going to be confering with his colleagues around the country including the top kyphosis doctor in the U.S. in California which he worked under for a year to see if any of them have ideas or suggestions. And to see if any of them have seen a patient bend their rods. I am not in alot of pain. He said that my back started off at 109 degrees on Sep. 17th and after surgery was tightened to 62 degrees. 2 months later I was at a 70 degree angle. Then Thursday I was at an 85 degree angle. The rods are to keep my back straight but they did not do that. He said it has to do with my biological make up of the bones and NOT WITH ANYTHING I HAVE DONE! So, I am just going to continue to work on my posture and wait to see what he can do in the mean time.

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