Monday, April 9, 2012

An Easter to Remember!

We awoke on Sunday morning around 6a.m.   Laying in bed stretching when the power went OUT!  Mind you we don't keep flashlights handy!  So, my husband was finishing getting ready while the kids and I waited hoping the power would come back on but it never did!  Josh found a candle and lit that so he could stumble around the bathroom to finish getting ready.  I was not too  fond of caring the candle around with me.  Thankfully I had left my computer plugged in and it had juice in the battery so I was able to use the screen for light.  Little did we know that living in the country and not having electricity means you also have NO WATER!!!!  It is run on a well and if the well can't pump well you get the idea!  So, Josh is running around getting water for our Easter sunrise breakfast and so that the kids and I could at least brush our teeth.   He brushed his BEFORE the power went out!  We went over to church to have our SONrise service.  It was SHORT because it was so cold in the church.  Then we headed to the fellowship hall which THANKFULLY did have power but NO WATER!  We enjoyed a nice breakfast and a time of fellowship with others.  And the Lord LET THERE BE LIGHT just in time for church to start at 10:30a.m.!  Praise Him!  HE IS RISEN!!!


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