Wednesday, January 9, 2013


My dad passed away on Tuesday December 18th.  It happened quickly.  You see my dad had been fighting a nasty thing-CANCER!  He had Chronic Lymphoic Lekumia.  He had been fighting this beast for about nine years.  Each year over the past few years he would spend some time in the hospital due to low white blood cell counts.  He had a fair summer.  Grandma had passed away in May.  The lady he cared for so affectingly   He was in the hospital during her funeral but due to modern technology he was able to watch via skype.  We normally go to Iowa to visit during the summer but had not since the kids are busy and that overwhelms dad.  He came out to visit with Uncle John during August.  We got to swim with him and show him our FAVORITE place-The Children's Museum in Indianapolis!  Dad started chemo again and had not been feeling well all fall.  Over Thanksgiving my brother went to visit my dad and took him to some chemo appointments and dad was receiving steroids   In December he went for a check up and chemo but had been running a temp so the doctor had him admitted to work on getting the fever down.  Dad had a port in and the doctor though as a last resort to take the port out since this had been the sight of an infection.  Taking the port had reduced the fever and he was feeling better.  I had not talked to Dad recently because it really tired him out.  I got most of my info from the nurses.  On Monday I called to see how he was doing and they said he was up and had a bit of the stomach bug.  Tuesday morning around 8a.m. I got the phone call no  child wants to get...well Josh got it....but that dad was failing fast.  I stopped everything I was doing and threw some clothes together to get going.  I did not drive myself out there but my mom and best friend Kim drove me.  My brother was already out there.  Dad did not want alot of fan fair for his funeral and he made sure that did not happen between the snow storm and this happening before Christmas.  Dad got his wish!  :)  We will have a grave side in August when we go out to pass our roses and throw money in the pool just like dad would have.  I am glad that dad is in a better place with no more needles.  He HATED them!  And he is now whole to sing, swim and play cards as long as he wants to!  I am grateful I can say in the end I had a relationship with my dad of no regrets.  There are some days where it is harder than others because I was so used to calling dad up to talk to him.  I'll post later about some memories I have with him.


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Angie said...

Hi Jennifer,

I just received your letter and wanted to thank you for the kind comments. I am glad your life is going well and send condolences for your father passing. I know exactly where Shirley is, believe it or not. I was raised near Hagerstown, and I have quite a bit of family in the Mays area. My mom currently lives in New Castle, and my dad pastored in Cadiz. I believe all these towns are fairly close by. I am still teaching, but am a PE teacher at Moran now. Take care! You can contact me at Great hearing from you! dennis addison