Monday, February 4, 2013

Seven years ago.......

 Seven years ago I was waking up each morning in the PICU to a very loud and robutust laugh from a very caring and amazing PICU nurse!  Her name was Shelia and at first it was annoying because it was at 6a.m. but I slowly over the course of three weeks grew to look forward to her laugh out in the hall.  So, much has changed and for that I am grateful!  Timmy was just 6 weeks old.  On the ventilator fighting for his life!  On this particular morning seven years ago Dr. Floreze was the bearer of bad nurse all week long!  Here was my new baby boy lying hooked up to all these machines and Dr comes in and says he has MRSA.  Say what?????  At this time it was not out in the news as to what MRSA was and I am glad I did not fully understand what it was at that point.  It made me worry a little less. On this day seven years ago I knew I had a sick baby but I remember Dr. Williamson our then Superident calling as we had the phone on speaker phone praying over Timmy.  Praying that he was created for much more than this!  I held tight to that prayer.  I am glad that the Lord gave Timmy back to us!  He is a fun, loving and caring boy!  I don't ever, ever wish to go back to that horrible day seven years ago but God brought us through and has made me stronger because of it.


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