Thursday, May 3, 2007

Thankful Thursday!

I'm stealing this idea from a friends blog. It will help me and you to reflect on some of things we may take for granted. Here is to my first "Thankful Thursday!

1) Lily-She is outgoing, fun, becoming a good gymnast, and a wounderful sister and daughter!
2) William- He is such a great little guy! I'm thankful he is healthy!
3) Washer and dryer-I can't even begin to imagin doing laundry the old fashion way with a washboard and wringer. That would take HOURS! I'm glad we have electricity.
4) Cleaen water to drink. This I know I sometimes take for granted because we can go to the store and pick up a bottle of water where in some parts of the u.s. and other countries it is a luxuary to do so. Thanks to purifiers!

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JayDavidCobb said...

Yes, it is good to be Thankful and count your blessing. You are a blessing to me. Love, Dad