Thursday, October 11, 2007

ER and Doctors

Lily had to make sure there was a hospital close by as within the first few weeks she had a soar throat that we just had to go to the hospital for as we did not have a doctor yet but she did have a very high fever and some how when we said hospital and got there she was feeling better! :0 Timmy also was seen but that was because he was wheezy. I sure do miss the Grinnell ER! Very quick compared to our two to three hour waits in the ER. Timmy had a chest x-ray very tramatic they put him in a tub with his arms above his head. I could not watch. So now we have an AWESOME pediatrican name Dr. Emery who officially diagnosed my children as STRONG WILLED.....hmmmmm don't know where that comes from at all! :0 But she was amazing....Timmy really enjoyed her. He did not scream at her but instead played peak a boo with her. It was cute.

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