Thursday, October 11, 2007


Well, we are finally moved in and getting used to life in Fowler, IN. We had lots of help from amazing friends and family! Thanks to EVERYONE who helped. A friend of ours Francine did amazing things with my children on the Saturday of our move in the evening so Sandy and I could get all the last minute stuff done in the evening. They were having so much fun they did not cry! Then my dad and step-mom allowed us to stay in a hotel room for two nights which was way better than the floor. The driving part of the move was a test of my patients driving the whole way with all three kids. Needless to say I had NO patients left. When we got to Fowler we had people from the church who took time off of work to help us. How WONDERFUL that was! Then I unpacked the kitchen totally the Tuesday after we moved because I was sooooooo tired of fast food! So, we have all the major stuff put away now it's just figuring out where to the rest of it goes! Hopefully we will be unpacked by Christmas!

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