Sunday, April 5, 2009


Do you have a closet or room that when guest come that is where all your stuff goes? I know I have a few of those. One being my boys closet and the other being the laundry room. Right now my laundry room is sadly full of mostly clean clothes with a pile of a few dirty ones too. There are also a few boxes of just stuff that really doesn't have a place anywhere but is stuff you think you need. I was thinking today looking around at my closets and thinking how it relates to our walk with Christ. I am sure that there is that place where we put all our stuff. Where we don't want anyone to know we don't do that because we are afraid they would look at us differently. I used to be like that in so many ways. I wanted to have the perfect image out in public but deep inside I was hurting and wanting somebody to love me for me but have been working on as it is continually to know the Christ LOVES me NO MATTER WHAT!!! I know I do things that make him upset but am so filled with joy to know that he loves me for all of me! God knows all of my closets despite the pain and hurt it may cause him. What is your closet?

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