Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have been struggline with how to get the laundry done and put away....PUT AWAY is key in this story. But on Sunday while talking with a friend who is helping me work through some emotional things from my past suggessted that since I had the toys "under control" but not the laundry now that I should try doing one load at a time. This was not rocket science just a different way of thinking. It has helped me so much in the last two days I can not wait to see how this progresses. I started a load...moved it to the dryer...then folded it and put it away when done. Then I moved the wet clothes to the dryer. If I had time I would move to the next load. This way I am not forcing myself to do something so huge that I can not complete it. I just do a load or two a day sometimes more. But this way it keeps moving and gets cleaned. It's these little things in life that fine me great joy in getting something done!

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