Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A MUST read!!!

I had our local library order this book and was amazed by it. I thought it would be about their loss of their daughter Marie Sue but it was not all about that. It is Mary Beth's journey. It was very encourging to me to read because she is a mom, she has and is suffering from depression and she continues on. It's really interesting reading through this book and seeing how her and Steven are two totally opposites. She refers to him as Tigger and her as Eyore. This book shares that even the tragedy of loosing Marie Sue they still were able to find some laughter and God in light of their deep grieving. This book is an easy read as the chapters are short and it is very easy to pick up and start reading again. I saw Mary Beth this past weekend at Women of Faith in Indy and she shared how she has struggled with her being the 4th trinity. Father, Son, Holy Ghost and Mary Beth! She has told God she won't do things but she is or has done all 3 things she told him she would never do and those are adopt, homeschool and speak in front of people. This is just a tip of the book....I have many good thoughts about the book but don't want to spoil it for anyone. Check it out!!!! It's as if you are sitting on Mary Beth's front porch with a cup of coffee talking to her! :)

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