Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Life is full of change. This past June we experience a quick change but a major one for us. Josh had gone to the doctor for a check up on his tumor, it was not growing but had potential to again. The doc had told Josh that he would be unable to stay where he was and continue to recover due to the mold in the church building. So, the second week of June Josh resigned from the church in Fowler to seek out other opportunities. We had 3 weeks to pack our earthly posseisons, find a new church, and move! That is alot in a short amount of time! We were able to find a new church closer to Indy! We HATED to leave Fowler as the people have been amaing to us and we could not have asked for more. The house we loved and we were loved! But God had bigger things in store for us! We went and preached at Grant City Wesleyan Church in Shirley, IN. They accepted us and we moved July 5th. Moving was an experience in and of itself. I had NEVER moved without a moving truck! The day came, the crew with trucks and trailers showed up around 9a.m., and things were getting loaded. I remember at one point looking out our bedroom window thinking they are going to drive 2 hours with the truck loaded to the hilt and nothing will fall off!!!! It all made it to Grant City in one piece! Talk about trust! It was mountain of boxes! They were joking around they could just not tie everything down and let me loose a few pictures or toys. HAHA!!! That did not work! It was once again a perfect picture of the body of Christ coming together to help us out! We had people from Fowler, Grant City Wesleyan, Muncie Church and Cicero Church. It was AMAZING!!! I love seeing the body of Christ come together like that! Tuesday we moved I was in bed and Josh was trying to plug some things in and he heard a POP! He had torn his rotar cuff. OUCH!!!!! He mentioned it on Facebook and two ladies from Cicero came down and helped us unpack! That was even more amazing!!!! We are getting settled and ready for the kids to start school. It has been a quick move. Yes, there have been times of tears and sadness but God is great and HE is greater than we are!

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