Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Three Chairs

Our family is spending some much needed time of rest and relaxation on Beaver Island. We attended church on Sunday at the Island's Christian church. During the summer they have pastors who are on vacation bring the message. The pastor who shared the message really hit hard on the nail to me where I am at. Then just like God would do I am reading a book by Patsy Clairmont that I have been trying to read for quite some time now. And she hit on the same point too! I have never read the popular book "The Prayer of Jabaz" but on Sunday the pastor was sharing from this book on the Three Chairs. What Chair are you at today? The Chairs are 1) The first generation.....fired up, God does, gives sacrificially, dedication

2) The second generation...goes to church, goes through the motions but no passion

3) The third generation...does not first!

As I sat and listened to the pastor really hit home that I have been in the 2nd chair for awhile. Whatever I can do that is convient and is comfortable but not what will stretch me and challenge me. I want to work towards getting to the the first chair. I have been there before and I want to be there again! How about you?

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