Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Camp Adventure Homecoming!

So....these past few days I have posted some old camp pictures my facebook page. It is amazing what pictures do to people and the thoughts they trigger. Fun! Over the past few hours a few friends I met at Camp Adventure Terra and John Barlow...have been talking about having a "Homecoming"! Wouldn't that be neat to get together and laugh about the past and remember the times in life when we were reaching out to the next generation. We are now reaching our children at the moment as we raise them. But I think it's neat how people relate to a moment in time. A moment that may have brought happiness despite what was going on around them at home. A moment that brought them closer to Christ. A moment that challenged them to "Dive" deeper into their relationship with Christ and trusting him fully and completely. If you have ever been to camp before you know that amazing feeling and experience you get. You are on that mountain top away from all the worries and care of home! Away from all the bad news on t.v. You are in the presences of the almighty God! It is an amazing experience and time. A time that marked me and my relationship with Christ. Think about those times in your life. When I was at Camp I was able to be free. It was a safe environment where we could be crazy and the kids would follow along. It was a time where the worship was what I imagine heaven to be like. It was a time when I was challenged to over come my fears. I am thankful for the times I had at Camp Adventure.

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