Sunday, September 25, 2011

If Yesterday is History than why.......

Do we let it affect us now? As I have talked to friends, the common factor is well that was what I grew up in so that is why I do this now. I am guilty of this too! I have a very hard time spanking my children because as a child that was overly used for punishment. I remember it but did not feel loved because of it. I need to work on finding another way to displine them that is out of love but not hurtful. Just to make them think! I think it is interesting. We do love to go back and remember the good times which is great! I love to do that too but no one wants to go and trace back those bad times to why we do something a certain way today. I admit it is harder to face those hurts head one rather than shove them deep down and try to put them out of my mind. One of the things that I struggle with on a daily basis is that I tell my husband that I am going to the store for only a few items but really I know I will be spending more but if I tell him the truth than I won't get to go. This is from growing up and not being able to spend the money I earned on things I want. Yes, I need to work on communicating this with my husband and YES this will be a HUGE turning point for us. I am working on but it's hard to let that old way go!

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