Thursday, February 2, 2012

Show Us Your Single Link

Presenting My Brother

John is a very funny, caring, christian man. He enjoys being outdoors! He LOVES to roller blade, take his dog Levi on runs and swimming. It is important to him to be healthy. John is game to try things for a first time like raw fish in China and eating things he does not know what they are! He just went to China on work and was eating things I WOULD not eat! He loves to camp and fish! He has tried all types of fishing from Fly fishing in Colorado and Wyoming to Ice Fishing in Minnesota. He also has sent a time in Canada fishing. He spent a summer while in college at Yellowstone Park with Campus Crusade for Christ. He graduated from Purdue University and has been living in Toldeo, Ohio ever since. He is stable and ready to find the one to live and enjoy life with. He has worked for the same company for 5 years as a field service engineer where he has travled 95% of the time. BUT we are VERY excited because he is on his LAST travel job and will be in the office 90% of the time doing Mechincal Design Work. My brother knows how to treat a lady like a queen! He also enjoys watching Big Ten Sports espically Purdue! BOILER UP! He enjoys spending time also with his 2 nephews and 1 niece. We are excited for him to be traveling less so we can visit him a little more.
If you are interested in John Cobb you can leave a comment, or email him at

On one of his many camping Adventures!
Playing chess with his niece.


Kappa Prep said...

I think John NEEDS to meet my friend KK! I am sure this sounds funny, bu8t they just sound and look like they would be a GREAT fit!

Blessed Grammy said...

I think John and my daughter should talk :) You can read what I wrote about her on my blog or check or blog out at

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was reading about John and thinks he sounds like a nice, hardworking guy. My name is Sue and I am Christian girl who is 36, though I look and act younger than that. Ha! :) I love to spend time with my family, especially my nieces and nephew. I really love animals and kids and have volunteered with both. I work at a local hospital as an administrative assistant and have my own condo. I like to take walks, bike, travel and just tried my first game of golf last year. I am always striving to live out God's plan for my life, even if it isn't what I always want it to be. If John is interested, please have him drop me a line at or look me up on Facebook

Anonymous said...

oops, forgot to add that I live in West Michigan!

Le Ann said...

Here is a sweet Christian girl for John to cousin Emily, age 22, and #77 on Kelly's comments.

Her blog is:

She's a sweetheart!

Le Ann

Anonymous said...

I went to college in Toledo and both my parents went to Purdue. Could it be fate? Maybe :) I'm 34 and work in education in SC. I visit OH all the time to see family. You can have him email me at and I can send pics and more info. He is a cute one and sounds like alot of fun. I love to travel as well.I don't have a blog.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to leave my name for the comment about Toledo and Purdue. I blame it on his cuteness :)
My name is Margie and my email is

Johnson said...

Hey! I will defiently forward your info on to him! I have failed to mention that my brother and I grew up watching McGeiver and he still watches old shows. Growing up he always tried to act like him. Ha!

J-Designer said...

John sounds like a great guy!! He can read about me on my blog -

Suze said...

Hey I'm interested :) I'm #7 or can email me at

Kimberly said...

Hi Jennifer,

I'm not sure if you saw my reply on my post for my friend Charity. But I think she and John would make a great match. Her e-mail address is

Thanks for taking the time to comment. ~Kimberly