Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How 6 years can change

Six years ago I was standing next to Timmy's crib at Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines, IA watching him have and Echogardiogram. I was alone in the physical sense. But God was with me. He was there as I was told that Timmy had 3 heart defect. This is the day I found out I was a heart mom. Life would not be the same again. On that day 6 years ago the Lord knew in his perfect time when to have my mom call me. Right at the moment I was just told the heart defects Timmy had. Right at the moment the nurse was there and I was able to hand the phone to her to explain things to my mom. Josh came up later not knowi never thought this would happen to "us". We were good people. Why? Little did we know the journey Ti
mmy has been on has taught us so much more. It taught us to relay on each other and to relay on God. That HE IS THERE even when we think not! I will continue the story as the days progress. This has hit me harder this year than in years past. Timmy this morning was his happy, goofy self. Not wanting to get dressed and laughing so hard it took his breath away. I am blessed to be a heart mom and
ng what had gone on that morning. He took the news hard too. We forever grateful that the Lord NEVER leaves us NOR forsakes us! HE IS ALWAYS THERE!!!!

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