Thursday, April 26, 2012

Grandma Cobb

Last night around 11:30p.m. Josh got a call from my dad that my Grandma had passed away.  She was found in her apartment on the floor.  My dad is in the hospital still.  He sounded a bit relieved but I can also imagine the loss he feels as he has been the primary care giver for Grandma for the past five years.  He has done an OUTSTANDING job! 

Grandma grew up in Kansas and went to nursing school.  I am not 100% how she got to Jefferson, Iowa but I know that she met Grandpa and and they were married and went to a Life Insurance conference for the honeymoon!  That is love!  They lived and raised three boys in Jefferson.  My grandmother was a registered nurse and worked mainly in Surgery.  She enjoyed her work there.  As her boys grew up and moved on she found interest in quilting, she had quilted every quilt.  She quilted with a group of ladies at her Church in Jefferson.  She also enjoyed playing cards and going with Grandpa to play the piano.  They enjoyed traveling to Colorado and Indiana to visit the grandkids.  She also enjoyed church and the least favorite thing that she enjoyed doing was making Raseberry jam!  The day after Grandpa died she got rid of all of her jam making supplies and never looked back!  A smart women I am told.  She delighted in her children, grandchildren and even five great-grandchildren.  I am so blessed that I she was my grandma!

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Anonymous said...

grandma cobb loved her family and lived for her family....
Almost all her travels involved a visit to some important family member or with a special family member.

She also did things for grandpa that she really didn't enjoy, but wanted to please him.

Like when he went to a church carry in dinner and found a good salad....Grandpa would get the receipe or ask grandma to get it and make it for him....and then he wouldn't eat it.

they had a special relationship and I am sure she will be missed here on earth, but is enjoying all the family that has gone on before her in heaven.