Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Birthday to Lily!!!!!

Lily Adeline Johnson you came into this world on Monday May 12, 2003 at 1745!  You wasted no time getting here and you have not wasted a minute since!  You were born by emergency c-section and I am so grateful to the amazing doctor's and nurses that worked quickly to get you here healthy, kicking and screaming and showing us that all of your vital organ's were functioning!  You were the FIRST Grandchild and the FIRST Great Grandchild on almost all sides expect for my mom's side.  After you were born it was a grand event, you had many visitors coming up to see you!  So many in fact the nurses had to put a stop to the number of visitors you were having just so that mommy could get some rest!  In your ten years of life I think you have experienced and rebounded with great zeal!
Your first birthday was a celebration to remember with over 50 people packing in the parsonage!

We moved to a new house at 1228 Reed Street in the spring of 2005 where we celebrated your
second birthday with a slightly smaller celebration!
We welcomed your little brother Timmy into the world on December 20th!

You were very excited to have a baby but there are days now that I am not sure how excited you are to have the endearment of Timmy!  I keep telling you though one day when you are older you will be so glad you have your brothers!
You were a champ when mommy spent 3 weeks away in the PICU with your brother!  You loved on him well!
You LOVED your paci and "nene's" as you called them!  We may have lost one of them but the other you still sleep with!

For your 3rd birthday you wanted a GREEN tractor!
In February we welcomed your little brother William!  There were times where I think you thought he was YOUR baby!

Then there was the move back to Indiana.  You had only known Iowa.  We moved to Fowler and lived there for 4 years.  Then we moved to Shirley where we are now.  You are a blessed girl as you got to experience the joy of 6 GREAT Grandparents and the joy of 5 Grandparents!  I can not wait to see where these next year take you as you lead your friends, as your grow in your walk with the Lord, as you mature in your piano and horse lessons and as you continue to blaze the trail!  I LOVE YOU!!!!!


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