Sunday, June 2, 2013

ReJection part 1

I am going to start a mini series on Rejection!  We have all dealt with it in one form or another.  I am going to be vulnerable about my experience with rejection!

Rejection HURTS!!!!  I don't know for you but for me it is easier to build this happy wall around myself so that I don't have to put myself out there  to be rejected.  If this is all they see then they will accept me and like me.  They won't know the hurt, broken and some times crazy Jennifer.  If I have my guarded wall around they will only know the fun, full of life Jennifer.  As I was talking to my co-worker the other day about how I push people to reject me so that I don't have to allow myself to get hurt.  It takes away the beauty of falling in love and getting to know someone because I am more worried about what they are thinking and if I am doing the right thing that will please them.  My co-worker said "you just need to ENJOY getting to know the other person and LET them tell YOU when they don't like something you are doing INSTEAD of constantly ASKING them!"  The light bulb went on and I realized that I am in a new phase of life and I need to put the past behind me the past where I was ALWAYS looking for approval despite being rejected time and time again.  I need to ENJOY this time!  How about you not knowing look to be rejected because then it might not hurt so bad in the end?  I know that this is kind of all over the place. My next post will be a bit more organized and detailed.  Thanks for reading! :)


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