Friday, March 16, 2012


For anyone who has moved to a new area I am sure you have felt excitment as you will have a new place to explore, fear for the unkown and alone.  How can you feel alone with people all around you?  It's amazing how frequently this happens to people!  Last night as I was sitting in the middle of the high school auditorum with no one on either side of me.  No one to comment to.  I felt all alone.  This place is new and no one knew me and I knew no one.  This is such a hard place to be but it will pass too.  It always does. 
Sitting and watching my daughter in the Annie play also brought along with it a whole nother slew of emotions.  Emotions from when I was in high school.  Emotions of not fitting in and wondering what could have been if I would have been involved in Drama.  Now I know I enjoy Drama but what would be different if I would have put myself into then? 
I also know the enemy had me right where he wanted me last night but I will not let that dampen my spirit today!  Today is a new day! 



JayDavidCobb said...

How true

Ramona @pwconnect said...

Oh have I been there! We moved to Wisconsin 2½ years ago. I would go to assemblies and performances and try to talk to the parents of my kids' friends with little success. In some ways, alone in a crowd can be worse than alone at home. The times when I have been fortunate are when I've found another poor lonely soul in that crowd and they are grateful that someone cared enough to speak to them! It gets better, though, as you get to know more people. Hang in there!!!