Sunday, April 21, 2013


Why do you go to church?  
Do you go to church because you HAVE to?
Do you go to church because you WANT to?
Do you go to church out of OBLIGATION?
Do you go to church out of RITUAL?
Why exactly do you go to church?

As I was driving to church today this very thought crossed my mind!  We live in the land of the free.  We have the choice to go to church!  For many years I went to church because I HAD to not because I wanted to.  My heart was filled with hurt and anger!  I was hurt by the church.  I was angry because I was the Pastor's wife and it was my duty to be at church.  It was not in a place I wanted to be and it showed.  

Growing up as a child I went to church because that was how I was raised!  My parents took us!  I loved going to church because I got to see my friends and Miss Shirley told the most awesome stories of Wee Mouse and his adventures in the bible!  Loved it!  Then the church split and from the time I was in jr. high until I graduated my parent's church hoped!  We were fairly consistent between two churches but it still was not where I WANTED to be!  So, the day came when I graduated from high school and I got to go to church WHERE I WANTED to go and that was GCC!!!!!  I was so excited to be able to go and grow in my relationship with God and my relationships with friends!  I am sure that I would still be at GCC if I had not met Josh and moved to Iowa and back to Indiana again.  You see when you are in the ministry you don't have an option to go to another church for spiritual growth.  You go where you husband is at.  

This past Winter I finally had the opportunity to find my new church home.  I found Madison Park Church of God in Anderson and I just LOVE it!  It is the perfect fit for me!  It may not be the perfect fit for you!  Find a church that works for you!  I love this church because I am able to use my gifts and serve!  Today for example I got to serve as an usher and serve communion!  I get the biggest smile on my face when I get to look someone in the eye and say "This is THE BODY OF CHRIST broken for you!"  Nothing more awesome than that!!!!!!!

I know many people go to church out of obligation or ritual because that is what Mom or Dad or Grandma or Grandpa did.  Why don't you go because you are going to meet the almighty maker of heaven and earth at CHURCH!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO HIS HOUSE!!!!!! GO BECAUSE YOU WANT TO!!!! SERVE BECAUSE YOU WANT TO!!!!!!

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