Monday, October 26, 2009

God's beauty!

This morning as I was driving Lily to school the beautiful horizon that I was able to enjoy was breath taking! It was a beautiful red with some orange in it. I thought of how God uses his hand to touch things around us to make a beautiful world. Over the past two weeks as I drive to school and home I have bathed in the beauty of the trees and colors that when God has dipped his paint brush into some beautiful and brilliant oranges, reds, and yellows you get a beautiful master piece around you. I also think of the time when I was at camp and we went outside at night to lay on the ground and look at the stars. At first you didn't see many because your eyes were still adjusting to the darkness but after you layed there for awhile you began to take in the beauty of a full summer night sky. It was AMAZING at how the longer you layed there the more stars you saw! God is pretty awesome! Have a blessed day!

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