Friday, October 30, 2009

Leaves, Shots, and great friends!

Yesterday was a busy day at our house! We went and were finally able to get our flu and H1N1 shots! Yeah!!! The whole processes went smoothly expect for Timmy and Lily screaming. But they survived and William just looked and said ow! Then when we got home I thought it was nice out and so I had better start working on the leaves that were blanketing our front yard. I had borrowed the neighbors leaf blower and it saved alot of time. The kids had fun rolling in the pile of leaves and having leaves blowen on or at them! Needless to say now the yard is freshly blanketed with MORE leaves that fell over night.

Then usually once a week I go out to lunch with a friend since I have about an hour and 15 mins between my classes. My dear friend April and I went to the mexican resturant we have been going to. This was our 3rd visit there and when I asked about the lunch specials the guy was like you got this one last time! It's so great to go to a place where they remember you or maybe we go there alot! ;) The food is GREAT and the you get ALOT for your money! :) So, now today it is on to cleaning and preschool. Then I need to go memorize the metric system for a test on Tuesday. I do not like it but it is something we must know! :)

No trick or treating for my kidos.....I told them I would just buy them a couple of bags of their favorite candy. Much cheaper than buying 3 costumes and going out in this lovely!

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