Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My new favorite store!

I have found my new favorite store to go shopping at....Meijer! It is out of the way to get to but so worth it! They have great values and yesterday we had to get Hot Wheel cars for Girl Scouts and they had them 10 for $5. After I had gotten most of my grociers we went to the toy section where my littlest guy was having such fun just touching and looking at the toys. But my older one just had an absulet melt down because he could not get a $40 race track or hot wheel set. I was really proud of myself because I did not give in to his meltdown but instead told him to stop crying and he would be able to get a hot wheel car. He did not stop crying so he did not get he car. But through out the rest of the time in Meijer people just smiled and I smiled right back at them. I even had 2 ladies stop and chat with me about raising kids. It was such a pleasent experience. NO ONE said "he needs a nap". The best part was he was trying so hard not to cry he was crying and saying mom I'm not crying I'm laughing!

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