Thursday, June 13, 2013


When you hear the word Father what comes to mind?  A father of anger, a father who was not present, a father who was drunk, a father who hurt you, a father who loved you, a father who you could not see, a father who was too busy, a father who was proud of you?  Just think for a moment that there is a FATHER who LOVES you more than YOU can EVER IMAGINE or fathom!  He has loved YOU from before you were created!  He has loved YOU just the way you are!  He loves all of you!  Big, tall, short, skinny, freckles, pale, tan, short hair, curly hair, long hair, blue eyes, single, married, young, old, childless he LOVES YOU JUST THE WAY YOU!!!! As a matter of fact HE is CRAZY about you!!!!!!  I know for some of you this may be hard to comprehend or understand but it's true!  There is a FATHER who loves you UNCONDITIONALLY!!!! I know for some this may be hard to grasp that there is someone who LOVES you no matter what YOU have done or WHERE you have been!  HE LOVES YOU!!!!!  I at times have a hard time wrapping my mind around the FATHER's UNCONDITIONAL love!  I am beyond grateful that he loves me so much no matter what I look like, how many questions I ask, how much I talk to him or say things that are silly, He still loves me exactly the way he created me!  I know He LOVES YOU that much too!!! In fact HE loves you so much that he stretched his arms out on the cross and said "(insert your name) I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH!
 If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ I high encourage you to seek one out!  It will ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!!! It rocked my world in high school and into my early twenties!  I had known that Jesus lived in my heart since the 3rd grade when I had asked him in but it wasn't until I was 18 years old and started attending Granger Community Church where I realized how much Jesus Loved me and how much He wanted to KNOW me!  The creator of the UNIVERSE wanted to know little ol me!  The not popular girl who was working at United Airlines!  Once I realized during one of Rob Wagner's sermons when he said that Jesus wants us to climb up into his lap.  He wants us to look him in the face and call him Abba, Daddy!! did I realize that the only person in the whole entire universe that could LOVE me no matter what I did or where I went was my HEAVENLY FATHER!  Yes, we can disappointment Him by the things we do, we can make Him mad, angry and upset but he sits with open arms welcoming us back in!  I am so grateful that I realized what that personal relationship could be like!  I spent many of nights on my bedroom floor praying to my heavenly father, talking to him just like I would talk to you!  I still have conversation with my heavenly father each day.  Yes, I can NOT see HIM but I know HE hears my prayers, my hurts, my pain, my JOY's!  He is all knowing and for that I am grateful!  In Psalms 68:5 it says "A father to the fatherLESS...."  


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