Monday, June 10, 2013


This year is my first Father's day where my earthly father is no longer here.  It's the first of many to come that I won't be searching the card aisle to find him that perfectly worded card that only Hallmark could write!  and BEFORE my mother makes a comment YES I DO HAVE another FATHER figure in my life to buy a card for his name is BILL.  O.k. got that out of the way!  Now my dad had a collection of shirts that we had gotten him for fathers day ranging from a hat that said BANK of DAD (sorry closed) to a t-shirt that said something to the effect of Grandpa's the name Spoiling's the game!  He loved his grand kids to pieces and had a unique connection with each of them in his own special way.  Lily was the first born and like her mom the only granddaughter!  She had grandpa wrapped around her finger and they loved spending time together weather that was reading a book, putting a puzzle together or going swimming.  She was his buddy.  Timmy was the first grandson.  Dad was there when Timmy was born!  He was there when I called him and said we are being transferred to Blank.  Timmy and Dad had a special bond.  Then there was William.  William could get dad to do ANYTHING because he was just smitten with him!  When we were in Florida and dad was exhausted, William said "up grandpa" and Dad picked William up because he LOVED him!
Growing up as a child I have fond memories of making dad tread water when I was in preschool because I was scared to jump off the diving board BUT he wanted me to jump in so much that he bribed me with a McDonald's happy meal if I jumped in!  I jumped into his safe arms and never looked back!  My dad took us swimming just about every week he could.  He would have to bribe us with Slurpies from 7-Eleven to get us to leave the pool!  Some weeks we would go play putt-putt golf and he got to share in his enjoyment with his grandchildren because William called it "putt golf".  Once in awhile we would get a special treat and get to go to Chuck E Cheeses or to G.L.Perry's and buy something!  Does anyone remember G.L.Perry? My dad delighted in seeing us be happy and I know that God delights in his children when we are filled with joy!
Tomorrow I will share with you the story of separation and then the story of reconnection!  Don't miss it!


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